Looking back at last week’s blog and the example in the Cambridge Dictionary, it’s hardly surprising that learners sometimes find it all a bit challenging! However, if someone said ‘a strong frost’ to me, I think I’d know what they meant, wouldn’t I? Scott Thornbury in his ‘A to Z of EFL’ says that in English you ‘thoroughly enjoy’ something and not ‘completely enjoy’ it, and you ‘do’ your homework, rather than ‘make’ it. He’s right, of course; but for how much longer? How long will it be before English as we know it changes under global pressure? As far as I can see, there’s no breakdown in communication if someone says they haven’t ‘made’ their homework, and ‘completely’ enjoy something. ‘Do’ the beds, not ‘make’ was what I grew up with in Manchester, so it’s probably not such a ‘big deal’.

Although at the moment, to me ‘a large deal’ sounds like something you might get in a fast food restaurant!

Here’s a sentence to think about for homework, before we slip into March.

He was a weighty smoker who contracted a strong illness and had a broom with death. It was a very near shave but he tugged through.

Next week, we’ll look at some ‘false friends!