If you have tried to find out more about TEFL certification, you must have come across two types of courses that are offered. It’s possible to get qualified by taking an online course as well as by attending a course in a classroom.

Undoubtedly the price and flexibility of an online course is much more appealing but read more about the advantages of an onsite course before you make a final decision.

Teaching practices

Unlike online courses, onsite ones focus mainly on teaching real students and giving hands-on experience. You will receive a feedback on every lesson that you teach and you will become more confident after completing an onsite course.

Being taught in a classroom setting

It can be more helpful for your future career to experience the classroom environment as you will get used to it and won’t find it intimidating to stand in front of a class full of students once you start teaching.

Immediate response

Your questions will be answered immediately during the course. You don’t have to wait for anyone to get back to you after they read your e-mail. It is also easier to discuss your insights, ideas or additional questions face-to-face as you may get more answers and information than you’d expected.

Access to books and other materials

Schools can provide you with numerous materials and course books needed for your lesson planning. Your tutor can also recommend some materials to you.

More developed job hunting resources

Onsite courses may offer assistance when looking for a job. Online courses can give you lists of job offers but do not provide any further assistance. You can get valuable information from your onsite course tutors and many centres that provide onsite courses are partnered with education organisation abroad.

Length of the course

The CertTESOL course takes 4 weeks; it is a very intensive course that requires a lot of commitment and class preparation. Online courses offer more flexibility and you can work at your own pace which may lead to procrastination. When the worst comes to the worst you may be slacking off and leaving things until the very last minute. In the end you may skimp on quality of your preparation and this can result in achieving very poor results if not failing the course.