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25th April 2016

About Athena Teacher Training

At Athena Teacher Training we provide the Trinity CertTESOL course, which will qualify you to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL). The Trinity CertTEOSL is a leading industry qualification, which you can use to teach in British Council accredited schools around the world.

Come on, England!

If it was your first time I hope you enjoyed the ‘four candles sketch’ as much as I enjoyed England’s performance in the World Cup, yesterday. The joy of six, as the papers say! And speaking of the World Cup, there’s an absolute feast of different accents speaking English. Check out Joey Barton speaking English […]

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Last week’s blog concluded with the word ‘pronunciation’ and I realise we’ve done very little on this area in the thousands of words so far, so today I’ll try to rectify that situation. No matter how good your ‘grammar’ is or how many words, or groups of words, you know, if no one can tell […]

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Get it done!

Hi, welcome back. I hope last week’s offering didn’t distance you! In that blog I spoke about using language to distance yourself from the person you’re addressing by using lots of words, something my colleagues from the USA say they don’t do: if they want something, they don’t beat around the bush they just come […]

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Space through language

In the last blog I spoke about ‘personal space’ and distance. Maybe it’s ‘a British thing’, as one of my North American colleagues once pointed out, but I’ll try to show how people often establish space through language.

Here’s the context: You’re in a room with a number of other people. It’s hot and you feel […]

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Welcome back. Hope you had a nice, gloriously sunny bank holiday. Last week I went off at a bit of a tangent, talking about the importance of ‘Comprehensible Input’, a theory thought to be at the heart of how a foreign language is learned or acquired. I make no apologies for this. J I know […]

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Before or After?

“If I was in Australia, I would play cricket.”

Last week I asked you to consider this sentence and decide on a context where it could be used to refer to time ‘before the point now’ or time ‘after the point now’. How about this:

When the speaker was young, (s)he was the child of parents who travelled a […]

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I began this blog, (Blog 1, September 26th), by stating: “the success of any communication can be judged on the result you get.” I said you could probably communicate most things through facial expression, body language and a few choice grunts! I went on to say the blog was going to focus on the stuff […]

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Hi, welcome back. I trust you had a brilliant Bank Holiday, if you were in Britain. If you weren’t in the UK, I have to tell you that the weather in sunny Bournemouth yesterday was absolutely ‘sunny’. Anyway, last week I asked you to consider the following two sentences:

When I was young I would […]

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Grammar: Oh dear!

The success of any communication can be judged on the result you get. You can probably communicate most things through facial expression, body language and a few choice grunts!

However, this blog is going to focus on verbal communication in English, the use of words and grammar, which goes alongside the non-verbal, to help you to […]

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Interview with Anke Jacobs

Anke Jacobs came down especially from Birmingham to take the CertTESOL at Athena Teacher Training in October 2016. Here she writes about her experiences before, during and after the course.

“There were unexpected learning opportunities and insights, making the course more valuable than I had anticipated.”

What did you do before you took your course at […]

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