Last week we considered the eye-brow flash and its implications on communication. Well, the theory goes something like this. Between English native speakers, the eye-brow flash is believed to be an indication of the trustworthiness of the speaker. It’s a subliminal message that, if not received, could make the non-recipient feel uncomfortable. Obviously, you can disbelieve this, but the theory goes that, when a baby is born, it can’t focus very well and when passed to its mother, she makes ‘big eyes’ at it. (I was at the birth of all five of my children and can confirm this). The baby automatically recognises this as a sign of trust and friendship and the raised eyebrows idea is born. The theory goes on to say that if the baby doesn’t get this, then it can have serious communication repercussions in later life. Hmmmm.

I’ll give you the chance to think about this over the next seven days, while you’re doing your seasonal shopping, or visiting the exhibition of paintings at the BIC. J