Welcome back to the ETC Blog. Many followers of the blog noted that last week we were particularly ‘blogless’. Was it because of the bank holiday? they asked. Well actually, it was due to/because of/as a result of a slight technical hitch, which has now been sorted. (Sorted is an anagram for Dorset, by the way!)

Anyway, I hope you had a super bank holiday Monday! A year ago last week I wrote in the blog (blog 32) about ‘comprehensible input’, how people learn a foreign language by understand ‘messages’, as Stephen Krashen (1983) puts it: ‘We acquire language when we understand messages, what people tell us and what we read.’ Yes, it really is a whole year ago! Where does time go? Anyway, today I want to start looking at how language is perceived, not just in terms of the words which are spoken, but what we understand by them. I’ll begin with this: what do you understand from the following short exchange?

“What was the food like?”

“Well the wine was OK.”

No answers on postcards please! Have a nice week. More next Monday.