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25th April 2016


Welcome back to the ETC blog. For any students and teachers reading this, you are probably familiar with the IELTS exam. If you’re not familiar with it, then check out this website.
In the speaking part of the exam you may be asked to talk about a place you once visited. If this happens, don’t […]

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Making sense.

VISUAL: I’ll shed some light on the situation, my minds gone blank, the future looks rosy.

AUDITORY: That rings a bell, that strikes a chord, for whom the bell tolls, I’m all ears.

KINAESTHETIC: I’m falling to pieces, a pain in the neck, I’m under pressure, I’ve fallen in love.

OLFACTORY/GUSTATORY: I smell a rat, it’s a bit […]

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Fun fact…

Welcome to May, the only month named after a modal auxiliary! (See blogs 8, 9, and 10, November 2017! Yes, we’ve been going that long!) Anyway, last week I promised you some sensory idioms to identify, so here they are. So, as before you have, five V, five A, and five K. However, this week […]

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Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic.

Hope you had some fun separating the senses in last week’s task. J Let’s run through them:

VISUAL: I can picture that clearly, look at it this way, I take a dim view of that, what are you focusing on,

we see things the same way.

AUDITORY: I hear what you’re saying, it’s all Greek to me, I’ve […]

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Welcome back to the multi-sensory ETC blog. I hope you had a pleasant Easter Break and enjoyed the poem. Last week I mentioned how the senses are often represented in everyday English expressions. This week I’d like to set you a task which is related to this. Can you separate the following fifteen expressions into […]

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Easter is coming…

I hope you enjoyed the spaghetti harvest. My class did. We’ve recently been looking at VAKOG, the NLP abbreviation for Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory. These of course focus on the senses: sight, sound, touch/feel, smell and taste. Although there are other senses, these five are often considered to be the primary ones. So […]

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Welcome back real friends! (Not false ones, I trust!) So, I hope you enjoyed the poem and worked out some of the funnies. ‘A law suit’ is not the gown that a Judge wears in court and the word they were looking for wasn’t ‘toupee’ but ‘wig’. I also believe the oil men were ‘drilling’ […]

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A large deal… a big deal?

Looking back at last week’s blog and the example in the Cambridge Dictionary, it’s hardly surprising that learners sometimes find it all a bit challenging! However, if someone said ‘a strong frost’ to me, I think I’d know what they meant, wouldn’t I? Scott Thornbury in his ‘A to Z of EFL’ says that in […]

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What does it mean?

Where did January go? Away with the snow, probably! The world looked so pretty for a few hours. So, back to business. February, and what does it mean to actually ‘know’ a word? To answer this question, I’ve taken the following definition from ‘The Primary National Strategy, 1779-2005DOC-EN’. It’s what I believe our children’s teachers […]

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Greetings. Welcome back to the ETC blog. I hope you’ve been feeling yourself over the last week, if not totally yourself, maybe a bit self-ish. (Yes, you’ll have to read that opening a couple of times!) I was intending to look at the importance of ‘groups of words’ this week, but will save that for […]

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