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25th April 2016

Space through language

In the last blog I spoke about ‘personal space’ and distance. Maybe it’s ‘a British thing’, as one of my North American colleagues once pointed out, but I’ll try to show how people often establish space through language.

Here’s the context: You’re in a room with a number of other people. It’s hot and you feel […]

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Welcome back. Hope you had a nice, gloriously sunny bank holiday. Last week I went off at a bit of a tangent, talking about the importance of ‘Comprehensible Input’, a theory thought to be at the heart of how a foreign language is learned or acquired. I make no apologies for this. J I know […]

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I began this blog, (Blog 1, September 26th), by stating: “the success of any communication can be judged on the result you get.” I said you could probably communicate most things through facial expression, body language and a few choice grunts! I went on to say the blog was going to focus on the stuff […]

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Hi, welcome back. I trust you had a brilliant Bank Holiday, if you were in Britain. If you weren’t in the UK, I have to tell you that the weather in sunny Bournemouth yesterday was absolutely ‘sunny’. Anyway, last week I asked you to consider the following two sentences:

When I was young I would […]

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Interview with Anke Jacobs

Anke Jacobs came down especially from Birmingham to take the CertTESOL at Athena Teacher Training in October 2016. Here she writes about her experiences before, during and after the course.

“There were unexpected learning opportunities and insights, making the course more valuable than I had anticipated.”

What did you do before you took your course at […]

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Living in Brazil

Everton is a teacher at ETC International College. He took the CertTESOL at Athena Teacher Training in November 2014. This year he has joined the Athena Teacher Training team, as the Unknown Foreign Language teacher, teaching firstly his native Brazilian Portuguese, and more recently Swahili

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Teaching in Naples

Jon Wilton took his CertTESOL course in May 2013.  He worked at ETC International College for a few years, before heading off to Italy.
He tells us of his experiences here:

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What is the Phonemic Chart?

When you’ve checked something on Wikipedia, you’ve probably noticed those strange symbols after an entry, and perhaps you’ve wondered what on earth they are. Or you may have been in an EFL classroom, and noticed a chart like this hanging on the wall. Why, you may ask yourself, are teachers wasting time on these hieroglyphics?

In […]

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What are the advantages of an on-site course rather than taking it online?

If you have tried to find out more about TEFL certification, you must have come across two types of courses that are offered. It’s possible to get qualified by taking an online course as well as by attending a course in a classroom.

Undoubtedly the price and flexibility of an online course is much more appealing […]

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Benefits of teaching English abroad

If you are considering a career as an English teacher and are wondering how beneficial it could be for you, here are some tips and ideas that you may find helpful.The TEFL qualification enables you to travel and teach in any country. You can teach in as many countries as you wish. In your free […]

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