If it was your first time I hope you enjoyed the ‘four candles sketch’ as much as I enjoyed England’s performance in the World Cup, yesterday. The joy of six, as the papers say! And speaking of the World Cup, there’s an absolute feast of different accents speaking English. Check out Joey Barton speaking English with a French accent at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwkUMFk4yTo

Like I said last week, every language has its own sounds and admittedly with regional variations, the English spoken in Britain has been broken down to 44 distinct sounds. (45 if you include the end of the word ‘loch’).

Each sound has a symbol to represent it and you can find these at the following address. The app is free and I recommend you download it. J


Being originally from ‘up north’ I was initially reticent about pronouncing sounds in a way that wasn’t natural for me at the time. However, I soon realised that being understood was much more important in the world than showing someone, who probably wasn’t that bovvered, where you came from!  Until next week, from a football feverish ETC in Bournemouth,  /siːjənekˈswiːk/   (see you next week) byee. J