Hope you looked up Area 51! They’re living amongst us, aren’t they! Aren’t they? Anyway, back to question tags and those ‘rules’. If the statement has an auxiliary, then use it in the tag: it is straightforward, isn’t it? If it doesn’t have an auxiliary in the statement, use ‘do’: I come from Bournemouth, don’t I. If the statement is positive, make the tag negative: you’re getting bored, aren’t you. If the Statement is negative, make the tag positive: You’re not getting bored, are you. And then there are ‘the exceptions’…aren’t there always! NOT when you learn English with us here at ETC. Here, as you’ve become aware after following this blog for a year, we focus on ‘communication’ not rules. So, it’s a nice autumn day, isn’t it. So, you want to know more, do you. You aren’t losing interest, are you. Next time, we’ll head back to pronunciation and take a look at how intonation plays a crucial role in how the ‘message’ is understood. It’s Halloween again, isn’t it. Isn’t it? Hope you get treated and not tricked J Byeee!