I hope you enjoyed the spaghetti harvest. My class did. We’ve recently been looking at VAKOG, the NLP abbreviation for Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory. These of course focus on the senses: sight, sound, touch/feel, smell and taste. Although there are other senses, these five are often considered to be the primary ones. So far we have focused on V, A and K. This week, we’ll consider the O and the G. I will stay with the ‘first meeting’ scenario, and propose that after you’ve looked at someone, heard their voice and shaken hands, sometimes you give a quick kiss, either one cheek, two cheeks or even a peck on the nose. Allegedly, this allows you to smell the person! (Oh yeah!) and also…taste them…although you’ll have to think about that one! Having done this, you have a full sensory assessment of the person you are ‘trusting’! Next week I’ll suggest how this is manifested in English expressions. Blog 74 will be posted a day late next week because of the Bank Holiday. Until then, I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote on a visit to ‘The Holy Land’ at Easter a few years ago. Have a Happy Easter and enjoy your eggs! Enjoy the bright colours on the wrapping, the sound of the box opening and the silver paper coming off, the soft feel as you break the egg open and the smell and taste of the delicious chocolate.  Yummmmm!



Through the alleys and bazaars,

past the post cards and the bars,

pilgrims progress, drawing closer,

down the Via Dolorosa.


Hooded monks and hot cross nuns,

tread reverently between the guns

of shepherds holding recoilless crooks ,

who eye their flocks with anxious looks.


Past lukewarm juice and shwerma fires,

fizzing falafels in deep fat fryers,

tourists, hippies, fortune tellers,

Holy Relics and Icon sellers.


Down the line the grave train passes,

struggling with its rented crosses,

abiding by the regulations,

only stopping at the stations.