Welcome to May, the only month named after a modal auxiliary! (See blogs 8, 9, and 10, November 2017! Yes, we’ve been going that long!) Anyway, last week I promised you some sensory idioms to identify, so here they are. So, as before you have, five V, five A, and five K. However, this week I’ve included O and G as well. Good luck. J

That rings a bell – it’s a piece of cake – I’m falling to pieces – a pain in the neck – I smell a rat – that strikes a chord – I’ll shed some light on the situation – it’s a bit cheesy – for whom the bell tolls – my minds gone blank – I’m all ears – it left a bitter taste in my mouth – the future looks rosy – I’m under pressure – I’ve fallen in love.

Solution in next week’s blog. So, before it turns into an impression of the TV show Catchphrase, have a nice ETC week!