I hope you liked last week’s poem J. Today we reach another milestone in the life of the ETC International College blog. The fiftieth edition! Goodness me, how time flies. As promised, here are some more tips for developing your spelling. We’ve already considered the LOOK – COVER – WRITE – CHECK technique, and how it helps to look for groups of letters within words, now here’s another one. If you’re trying to remember what a word looks like in your visual memory, try changing the colour of the word.

If it’s written in black, change it to a colour you like, your favourite colour perhaps, and have it on a different background. Maybe have it written in blue on a red background or something! If you really fancy the idea, why not have the word written in flashing electric blue neon on a pink and yellow spotted background! It’s entirely up to you, as long as it helps you to remember!

If you are reading this as a teacher, why not try these techniques out with your learners? And don’t do spelling tests where you just read out the word; do them visually. Write each word on a card, hold them up for five seconds, then ask the students to pick up their pens and write down the words from memory. I’ve even done it successfully with word order!

So, let’s raise a glass to the next 50 weeks! Back soon. J