Welcome back. This ETC International College, Bournemouth blog, has now entered its second year, so Happy Birthday to Us J Yeeah! Now where were we? Oh yes, spelling. Last week we established that the way to become an excellent speller was to learn to spell visually. It’s not what a word sounds like, but what it looks like, that’s important. So, here’s the way to do it: LOOK – COVER – WRITE – CHECK

First, LOOK carefully at the word you want to learn how to spell; notice any visual clues to help you remember. Take a mental photograph of it. (Sometimes, actually blinking like a camera can help).

Then, COVER it with a piece of blank paper.

Now, WRITE it again, from memory.

Finally, CHECK to see if you’ve done it accurately.

If you’ve got it right, well done! Move on to the next word. If you’ve made any mistakes, leave it alone. Make NO changes. Just repeat the whole process again until you get it right.

You may think it’s time-consuming, but you get faster and once you’ve trained your eye to notice patterns, you can speed up significantly! Until next week, here are some words to practise on, apparently the three most misspelt words in English! #3 – definitely #2 – pharaoh and #1 – publicly.