From everyone at ETC in Bournemouth, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Trees and trimmings have been put away and hopefully, Father Christmas had some nice things in the sack for you. So, where do we start in a brand new year? I believe I left you contemplating the eye-brow flash? Well I hope you did your homework and kept an eye on those celebrity revellers flashing their brows! Last year I began with the difference between ‘hope’ and ‘wish’, which was all a bit ‘linguisticky’, so this year, I put my party thinking hat on and, as I was pulling my cracker, something inspiring fell out!

Words! That’s it, I thought. Let’s go back to ‘words’. September 2017, our first blog, was lamenting how without ‘grammar’ we would be left with just a ‘jumble of words’ said David Crystal. This may be true, but we have done little on ‘words’, so, here we go! A cracker-style question to get us off to a flying 2019 start.

How many words are there in the English language? Of course you can do your own research, but for now, the ETC blog is off and running again!

Next week I’ll try to enlighten you. Byeee for now.