I hope you’ve been practising your intonation patterns since last week’s blog. So, this week I’d like to return to the subject of question tags. Depending on which intonation pattern the speaker chooses, we can read a lot into what has been said. “You work at ETC, don’t you?” (Rising intonation, possibly a ‘real question’, implies you’re not really sure.) “You work at ETC, don’t you.” (Falling intonation; implies you know this really, and are just confirming it to yourself, or trying to make small-talk.) It’s not a ‘real question’ so I don’t use a question mark. “You work at ETC, do you.” (Rising intonation, implies there’s more to this than meets the eye!) And it’s not only the sound: if you watch native speakers, they’ll reinforce the intonation with the movement of some part of their body; head, arms, hands. Watch out for it this week. J