Well, here I am, back from holiday, all refreshed and ready for action. Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s bank holiday and missed me as much as I missed you! A couple of weeks ago I mused on Douglas Adams and his use of the Future Semiconditionally Modified Subinverted Plagal Past Subjunctive Intentional. I hope you enjoyed it!

Even further back, in Blog number 4, October 16th 1997, I wrote “it would be so much easier, and yet so much more boring, if we did have a future ‘tense’ and it was ‘will’. As you remember, English doesn’t have a future ‘tense’, and it isn’t ‘will’. Unfortunately, all my kids were told, at some time in their secondary education experience, that ‘will’ was the future tense in English. (So it must be true, ha!) We’ve already shown why it isn’t the case, (Blogs 3, 4, 5, October 2017), but while schools in England keep teaching their own children that it is, what can we do?

Next week we’ll take another look at this in more detail (for anyone who has recently joined us)!