I trust you’ve been moving your body to reflect your intonation patterns over the last week, I know I have! Anyway, back to question tags. In recent years, with the growth of ‘Global English’, question tags have proved quite challenging, to the extent that many of them have been replaced by the ubiquitous ‘innit’.

Originally a short form of ‘isn’t it’, as in “It’s a nice day, innit.” It has become popular for everything. You know what I mean, innit. I come from Bournemouth, innit. So, will question tags as we know them disappear altogether? If so, will the intonation patterns remain the same? It’s an interesting thought, innit. Only this weekend a young native speaker in his early twenties said to me: “Oh, you work at ETC, innit”. I said yes, after all, a native speaker of the language can’t be ‘wrong’, innit? J Until next week, byeee.