“It’s hot in here.” Hi everyone! At the end of last week’s blog I asked you to think about what ‘it’s hot in here’ could mean. Well… It could mean, ‘please open the window’, or ‘turn down the heating’, or ‘this place is really rocking!’, or ‘Thank goodness!’ You probably thought of a few others. Anyway, it’s hot here in Bournemouth! Really?

Yesterday it was absolutely hot here. Does that sound strange? It’s meant to. Here at ETC, it’s absolutely boiling! ‘Absolutely boiling’ sounds much better than absolutely hot, doesn’t it. And ‘very boiling’ sounds a bit weird too. Why? Well many people think it’s just because it sounds better.

It’s got a much nicer rhythm to it! Ab so lUTEly bOIling,  Dum De Dum De Dum De.

OK, like ‘chips and fish’, and ‘white and black’, we understand what ‘absolutely hot’ and ‘very boiling’ mean, but they just don’t sound right! It’s not really expressive enough!  Remember though, it’s all subjective. What someone in Bournemouth might consider ‘absolutely boiling’ might be considered ‘quite hot’ by someone from Saudi Arabia. Have a hot week.

On a personal note, my eldest son, Alex, is getting married on Friday, so let’s hope it’s a hot day! I’ll let you know next Monday. Byee.