My last two blogs have focused on the vowel sounds of English, so this week, let’s turn our attention to the consonant sounds, (not to be confused with the consonant letters). Out of the 44 sounds which make up English, we’ve established that some are vowel sounds and some are consonant sounds. Of the 20 vowel sounds, five are long, seven are short and eight are diphthongs. This means there are 24 sounds left. These are the consonant sounds. These consonant sounds are produced by shaping the air using your lips, teeth, tongue and various bits of the inside of your mouth. There are sounds which explode from your mouth; sounds which employ friction; sounds which use a combination of explosion and friction and sounds which come down your nose, not out of your mouth at all! Next week we’ll focus on the sounds which explode air out of your mouth. Until then, byee. J