Good morning and welcome to September. There’s certainly a chill in the air today! Ha, I hear you say, last week he used ‘will’ when he signed off and he was talking about the future. Well, kind of…but  not exactly, I used ‘ll and, like other people in the business, consider the possibility of ’ll being a separate auxiliary, after all, once it is pronounced ‘will’, it can change the meaning. In this case I was, like, making a kind of ‘promise’ at the point now, (then) and implying that I’d just had the idea at the time of writing the blog (then). Only ‘implying’ by the way.

However, anything could happen (could have happened) between then (now) and next week, (this week) hence the use of the modal ‘ll’. If I’d wanted you to think it was an ‘absolute promise’, (if such a thing exists and it probably doesn’t because no one knows the future), I would have used ‘will’ to show I was emphasising it, like: “I ‘will’ take a look at this in more detail”, but his may/might/could/ seem to some as a little bit like ‘tempting fate’. Fascinating, isn’t it. (See question tags, Blogs 55,56,57).

Now, as panto’ season approaches again, look out for:  “you ‘will’ go to the ball Cinderella”. Of course, in an upmarket panto (is there such a thing?) the Fairy Godmother may say: “you ‘shall’ go to the ball, Cinderella!” But’s that’s something for next week.