VISUAL: I’ll shed some light on the situation, my minds gone blank, the future looks rosy.

AUDITORY: That rings a bell, that strikes a chord, for whom the bell tolls, I’m all ears.

KINAESTHETIC: I’m falling to pieces, a pain in the neck, I’m under pressure, I’ve fallen in love.

OLFACTORY/GUSTATORY: I smell a rat, it’s a bit cheesy, it left a bitter taste in my mouth.

It has been noted that people with a particular preference for one sense over any of the others, use the language of that sense more frequently. Consequently, when good writers are writing a description they make sure they catch everybody by not only saying what things look like, but also what they sound, feel, smell and taste like too!

Think about this for the next seven days and we’ll delve deeper next time. From the ETC blog, with now over 18,000 words to its name, bye for now! Oh, and congratulations from everyone in my office at ETC to Manchester City FC for retaining the Premier League title yesterday. J