OK, welcome back ‘seasonal bloggers’ to ETC’s final blog of 2018. Let’s leave the tinsel and crackers for the moment and get back to the eye-brow flash. There are rumours that the Royal Family, pupils at expensive schools, politicians and statesmen were, I believe, taught not to move their eyebrows as it gave too much away. Newscasters, when reading the news, were also taught not to do it, for risk of showing too much personal opinion on the story they were reading. However, since becoming more ‘celebrities’ than ‘mouth-pieces’, it’s not so obvious, although there are those who still don’t move their eye-brows. (Maybe this is just the botox!). So, have a restful holiday period and a stunning New Year! Hope you get what you want! (Raised eyebrows!) Homework for over the holiday period is to watch that box, the Queen’s Speech might be a good starting point! Keep your eyes on the eye-brows and have a flashing good time. It’s been an eventful 2018, which seems to have flown by! All being well, we’ll see you in 2019 with more blogging! J