Happy Bonfire Night! Lots of fireworks around Charminster this weekend and one or two spent rockets in the back garden this morning! Now, talking of rockets, intonation; wheeeee! There are five intonation ‘tones’ in English, namely, ‘level’, ‘rising’, ‘falling’, ‘rising-falling’ and ‘falling-rising’. To find them, try this trick. Start by saying the nasal sound /m/. (To do this, you’ll have to keep your mouth shut, of course!) First, say it with a level tone, you’ll probably sound bored, or like you’re on the phone just letting the person at the other end know you’re still there! Then say /m/ with a rising tone, you’ll probably sound surprised. Next, say it with a falling tone, you’ll probably sound to be in agreement. Then with a rising-falling tone, you’ll probably sound impressed. Then, finally with a falling-rising tone; here you’ll probably sound like my kids used to sound when I told them it was bedtime or when I said there were no more fireworks left! From everyone at ETC, Bournemouth, hope your bonfire night goes with a bang…and a whizz… and a whoosh… and a crackle…and a sparkle…Until next week, /m/ J