Welcome to Blog 69. It makes me remember Sham 69! For the last couple of weeks we’ve been focusing on vocabulary and how challenging it can be to acquire new words. (‘Lexical ítems’, as we call them in the business). Today I want to focus a little more on the person who’s learning the language, ‘the learner’, and how different learners have different preferences when it comes to learning. They are often unaware of these preferences until someone points them out. I want to begin by referring you to Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. In contrast to the traditional definition of ‘intelligence’, still championed by MENSA and the outdated IQ test, Gardner acknowledges that : ‘We are not all the same and we do not all have the same kinds of minds’. He goes on to say that: ‘Education works most effectively if these differences are taken into account rather than denied or ignored.’ Here at ETC, we believe this to be true and try to accommodate different intelligences at every opportunity. The following link shows Herbert Puchta, an experienced teacher and trainer, speaking about MI Theory. I hope you enjoy it J We’ll look more closely next week. Until then, have a nice week. Remember, Spring officially begins on Wednesday.