If you are considering a career as an English teacher and are wondering how beneficial it could be for you, here are some tips and ideas that you may find helpful.

Having unlimited travel options

The TEFL qualification enables you to travel and teach in any country. You can teach in as many countries as you wish. In your free time you might also travel to neighbouring countries you never even dreamed of visiting.

Being a student in your own class

Being an English teacher in a foreign country can be a big plus for your students education, but also for your own! You will get a chance to experience new cultures and their traditions and become more than just a tourist. Although the first few weeks may be a cultural shock for you, your students will help you understand the customs of their country and you’ll adjust to the new environment faster. You might pick up some new phrases and eventually learn a new language.

Meeting other ESL teachers

It is very unlikely you will be the only English teacher in the school, let alone the country where you decide to teach. It’s inspiring to meet people with a similar mind-set and ambitions. Other English teachers might give you some valuable advice with regard to teaching, materials and even the country where you will be teaching. They can share their own experiences and maybe help you decide what should be the next step in your teaching career.

A life-changing experience

While learning about and trying to understand a new culture, you will gradually become more open to new and unfamiliar things. You will broaden your horizons and might see the world from a different perspective. Some people even say that travelling helped them grow personally and professionally and become more independent.

Working break from your everyday life

If you feel that your current job is wearing you out or you feel burnt out, why don’t you try something completely different? Becoming an English teacher might be a temporary option that can help you get a better idea about what you would like to focus on in your life or it can offer you new possibilities entirely.

A good way to boost your CV

Even if you don’t plan to teach English long-term, your future employer will undoubtedly appreciate the experience of working in a foreign country.