I bet you’ve been thinking about last week’s blog and the question tags, innit. Well, one of the most interesting features to accompany the body movements reinforcing the intonation patterns is known, very unscientifically, as ‘the eyebrow flash’. This is the automatic movement of the eyebrows used subconsciously to reinforce the main stress and the intonation; not just with tags! You can check it out by saying ‘good morning’ to someone and feel what happens to your eyebrows. They’ll probably rise automatically on the MOR of morning. If they don’t, well you’ll have to ask yourself why. J

Next week we’ll look at this intriguing idea a little more closely! Until then, byee. Oh, and if you’re reading this in Bournemouth, why not pop down to the BIC, (Bournemouth International Centre) where there is currently an exhibition of paintings by someone you might have heard of.