Welcome back to the ETC International College, Bournemouth. blog. We’ve already established that the best way to become an excellent speller is to learn to do it visually, so today I’d like to pass on another tip.

Look for words which have the same patterns; the same letter combinations. ‘Test’ yourself on the following group of words. First identify the three letters each word contains, then cover the whole list and ‘see’ how many you can remember. Do it ‘visually’ though. If you’re as old as me, you’ll possibly find it tricky!

nuclear early learn heart heard

earth fearful weary teardrop

wearable disappear swear menswear yearning

I know people who, having visualised the entire English alphabet, can tell me which letter comes between two others by simply retrieving the picture from their visual memory. Unfortunately, never having been shown this technique, I have to run through the entire alphabet from the beginning!

Of course, eventually you have to vocalise because you need to know what they sound like, but remember, this isn’t the way to develop good spelling.

Last week was National Poetry Day and we celebrated here with the annual poetry competition. One of the poems we use is called ‘Gust Becos I Cud Not Spel, by Brian Patten. Check it out at the following address. https://www.poemhunter.com/poem/gust-becos-i-cud-not-spel/

Until next time, happy spelling!