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Booking experience: Ed was very helpful on the phone and Hannah very welcoming when I arrived. Everyone was very accommodating of my needs with the cycling clothes too. Thanks guys.
I would highly recommend this course at Athena. It was a very enjoyable learning environment, with great support from all concerned.
Course as a whole, intensity of the course: the course was very intense, this is a personal view. It was exactly what I expected however.
Maria Darling
Teacher trainers: thorough and comprehensive in their approach: always focused in their attitude, and helpful in many ways.
Declar Murrey
I really have enjoyed this teacher training because of the quality of it. The professors have been wonderful not only shared their knowledge with us but also they supported us with their charming personalities and methodologies. Thanks a lot!
Glenia Guisella Bonilla Padilla
John and Christine gave me the guidance, input and support I needed to grow as a teacher and to build the foundations to progress my career. I can recommend the Dip course in the highest terms.
Edmund Howard
The course has equipped me with both practical and theoretical knowledge which has given me more confidence in class. I have become more sensitive towards my students learning needs and my lessons have become more dynamic and student-focused. The tutors were extremely knowledgeable, approachable and supportive throughout; their experience and enthusiasm made all the input sessions interesting and useful. Although the course is intense, it never felt stressful as it was well organised and flexible from start to finish. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to become a better teacher and/or progress in their job.
Julija Oscenkova
The quality of the teaching was incredibly high and I am so pleased I chose Athena to do my course through. I really don’t know if I would have gotten as much out of it if it weren’t for the experience and knowledge John and Christine brought to our input sessions, as well as how helpful and understanding they were.
Melissa Johnstone
ETC course is so good. Teacher trainers: when you establish a good relationship with your students and maintain the respect. The results are better. This is the way we felt you managed the course. Thanks!!
Monica Corredor
It was a wonderful course where I learned a lot about myself, as well as my abilities as a teacher. The intensity was as described so I knew what I was in for! Top trainers, good facilities and lovely students. The structure was excellent as I felt the grammar and teaching techniques weren’t forced down our throats and there was plenty of time to air our views or discuss new ideas.
Booking experience: Very flexible booking and payment process. Clear and quick responses from Ed were perfect. I had my interview with Jess and she gave me a great deal of insight about the course, as she was trained by Athena too.
Will Travers
Input sessions: I am super impressed with the quality of education and training.
Teaching practice: Clear, concise and directed TP. Really glad of the experience.
Teacher trainers: lovely lively tutors.
Rhyannan Hall
Despite the intensity of the course, I feel rewarded as it expanded my knowledge, focusing on diverse aspects and teaching techniques. A high quality course with a director who was always available to support and encourage us. It was worthwhile.
The whole course was excitant, what brilliant teachers! Understanding, patient and skilled.
Teaching practice: The feedback sessions were brilliant, these were always relevant and helpful.
Teacher trainers: I give the trainers 10 out of 10 for patience!! When I asked for help I was supported. The trainers were understanding and extremely friendly.
Comments: The course was intense but I did expect this! Life certainly goes on a hold for 4 weeks. But the whole experience was enjoyable and mainly due to the expertise of the trainers. I would go so far as to say! It has only taken me 50 years to be taught English by the vest teachers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, thank you.
J.E. Morris
Input sessions: A very well put together package, very informative. The lecturers are always on hand to give directions and support.
Teaching practice: TP is really useful because we have the opportunity to rectify our errors and get us familiar to being in a real classroom environment. We are given guidance in FB sessions.
Teacher trainers: could not do without it. It formed on integral part of the course. It allowed our lecturers the time to monitor and guide us over the past month exporting their knowledge and experiences into us.
Booking experience: the whole process was handled very professionally, my experiences of communicating with the school from Spain and arriving had felt very personal I was fully informed and felt very welcomed.
Comments: Both John and Christine very much in my eyes take pride in their jobs here in the school and that is a credit to both themselves and the school as one cannot work without the other. I will like to say congratulations on providing such a wonderful course in a very welcoming environment. I give credit when credit is due!
Reynold Anthony
Input sessions: Excellent classes, the methodology is absolutely good.
Teacher trainers: I’m completely satisfied with the course, I think that the staff is extremely professional.
Nidia J. Angarita Rivas
Teacher trainers: excellent teacher. Thank you for this wonderful experience.
Paula Aguilar Giraldo
The course in ETC is really excellent and I would recommend it. Teacher trainers: John is an excellent teacher.
Betsabe Aparicio Aguilar
I feel really happy because of the course accommodation and everything specially because of John.
When I started the course, I did not expect such high level of training for J+A. The teaching was very informative, practical, beneficial and encouraging!
Within a week of graduation. I was offered a summer position with ETC. This is a wonderful way to start my future career in EFL. As I already knew some staff and students here, this helped me to settle into the rhythm of teaching. I can immediately put my skills into practice, gain knowledge and develop my confidence in the classroom. I feel that the style of teaching given on the Athena course was current, relevant and fits well with the modern classroom. Also encourages creativity!
Max Dade