Welcome back real friends! (Not false ones, I trust!) So, I hope you enjoyed the poem and worked out some of the funnies. ‘A law suit’ is not the gown that a Judge wears in court and the word they were looking for wasn’t ‘toupee’ but ‘wig’. I also believe the oil men were ‘drilling’ for something in the sea off Bournemouth beach. In Spanish ‘constipado’ means ‘blocked up/nasally congested/stuffed up’ and the Spanish girl’s friend was pregnant, (embarazada).

An ‘unbending’ face is just something I threw in as the collocation is of course a straight face, and the person in question spoke German, where a cake is a ‘torte’, and ‘bekommen’ means ‘to get’.

If you’re interested, you can find a whole bunch of ‘false Friends’ from different languages at https://www.lingoda.com/en/blog/false-friends
So, friends, as spring begins to bounce, from all at ETC: ‘later’. (Cool way of saying goodbye!)