Welcome back to the multi-sensory ETC blog. I hope you had a pleasant Easter Break and enjoyed the poem. Last week I mentioned how the senses are often represented in everyday English expressions. This week I’d like to set you a task which is related to this. Can you separate the following fifteen expressions into three groups depending whether they are Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic? There are five in each group.

I can picture that clearly – I hear what you’re saying – I catch your drift – it’s all Greek to me – I’ve made a connection – look at it this way – I’ve just clicked – we’re close in a lot of ways – I take a dim view of that – what are you focusing on? – we’re on different wavelengths – let me run this by you – it’s just struck me – that’s uncalled for – we see things the same way.

I’ll put you straight, talk you through it, see you right, in next week’s blog. J.