Of course I had lots of people trying to help me out with last week’s teaser and I can now reveal that those super people at the Cambridge Grammar of English Language have a name for this! The ‘let us go’ example is referred to as ‘an ordinary imperative’, whereas the ‘let’s go’ example is referred to as…wait for it…

“the first-person inclusive let-imperative.” Love it!


Maybe I’m still in a minority of people who think the apostrophe stands for ‘us’. Here at ETC however, we are very open minded! We looooove language!

In the past, use of terminology like this tended to put me off, but now I find it fascinating! Not at all ‘useful’, just fascinating. If you return to the ee cummings poem of two weeks ago, when he say’s ‘Let’s go’, I bet he didn’t know he was using “the first-person inclusive let-imperative.”!!!

Hope you’re enjoying the summer sunshine. Things are hotting up here in sunny Bournemouth. Why did my computer just underline ‘hotting’ in red? There! It’s done it again!

Next week we’ll consider ‘language terminology’ in more detail. Remember to apply lots of sun cream!