Last week we mentioned the possible ambiguity of the question: “Are you doing anything tonight?” This can, of course, mean different things depending on the context. This is tricky enough, but if you don’t have an –ing form in your first language, like for example German, French, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and Japanese to name just a few, it becomes doubly difficult! Especially if you’ve been told by some well-meaning teacher that ‘the present continuous’ is about ‘now’. Unlike some schools, here at ETC we enjoy dealing with these challenging areas! And as for ‘now’, what do you mean by that? When is ‘now’? Before I disappear into my own linguistic navel I’d better stop. I’ll leave you with another little teaser in the form of another short exchange. You have to think about who said it and where? There’s more than one answer. Be creative! J

“Are you the fish?”

“No. I’m the chicken.”

Until next week, byeee.